Flat Fee MLS Listings


What is a flat fee listing?

The tools available to us through modern technology make it possible for us to sell your home at a much lower cost to you.

Our listing puts your home in MLS and approximately 200 websites including Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia for one flat fee. It can save you thousands of dollars vs. a percentage based listing. We offer one simple solution for listing your home, and it costs only $990.00.

Our listing covers everything. It includes the sign, lockbox, assistance in negotiations, and professional advice through closing. It is a full service listing.

How does it work?

Let's say you're able to negotiate 5% total commission with your listing broker. If the agent of another broker brings the buyer, we'll say you agree that the brokers split that commission down the middle with each receiving 2.5%. Here is what that looks like if your home sells for $200,000,00:

Math (1)b&w.png


Now let's take a look at our flat fee listing:


In this scenario, you would save $4,000.00 by using our flat fee service. We know how hard you work to build equity in your home, and our plan allows you to keep more of it.

How can Williamson Real Estate afford to do this?

Our hope is that after realizing the savings described above, you will also allow us to assist in the purchase of your next home. You save thousands on your listing, and we make a commission on your next purchase paid by that seller at a rate already agreed upon in their listing agreement. Everybody wins.

We keep a limited number of full service listings in order to better serve our clients.

*All commission rates are negotiable as part of a listing agreement between a seller and a broker. There is no set, required, or customary rate of Realtor commission.


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